SOP Members Benefits

At SOP, we are dedicated to create opportunities for those who have passion for knowledge to upgrade oneself.

SOP was set up for this very purpose. To provide equal opportunity for all who wants to improve themselves, to horne their abilities and to allow themselves to be more competent in their trade in order to provide excellent care and service to the public.

To help create pride and dignity in this profession we call OPTICIANS here in Singapore.

SOP is proud to be approved as a CPE provider. We will organize Continuing Professional Programme for our members together with Health Care Institutes like the various major hospitals in Singapore. This is to fulfill the OOB requirement for mandatory CPE points in the very near future. Our members will get to enjoy subsidized rates when they register for such programme. They will be first to inform of such events and any upgrading courses available through our mobile messaging and priority reservation system. All members are encouraged to join in, to stay in touch with colleagues and with updates in the optical world.

Our membership is open to all Practitioners. Membership paid is for the period from 1st January to 31st December of each calendar year. Pro-rated applies. Renewal notice is sent during every November period. If you are a rejoining member, a rejoining fee is usually required.

Membership fees are utilized on organizing events such as congress, seminar or members event. Part of your fees is also being paid to the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) which we are then affiliated. Individual membership with ABDO will cost 125GBP. You may log on to their website: to gain more useful information. Each member will receive their monthly Dispensing Optics Journal which is a professional journal of ABDO which has points accredited by OOB. It is the only journal devoted to optical dispensing, containing articles of technical and academic interest as well as items of general appeal.

Members are allowed to access our SOP website for general information, news, updates as well as interaction with other fellow practitioners.

Every member has the opportunity to participate voluntarily in our charity community eye screening project. This will not only encourage them to help the less fortunate but also serves as a chance to mingle / network with other opticians. Volunteers are welcome.

For more details on joining SOP, please download the membership form and contact our membership department.

SOP Membership Department
Ms Caroline Lau
Members Manager
Hp: 91722438

Ms Jo-Ann Yong
Deputy Members Manager
Hp: 90939110