Performance By Lighthouse

The 13- strong band performed at the SOP Congress opening ceremony held at Suntec Singapore on 17 November 2011.

Every member of the band worked extremely hard to put up a reasonably good performance as they were filled with excitement after they learned about the invitation from SOP. They have been practicing hard since July as this was challenging to the beginners in learning to blow the song “Tian Mi Mi” on the recorder which they are required to work on the fingering technique.

With the teachers’ help and the dedication of a volunteer pianist, the members began to make good progress in all the three songs, namely, “Tian Mi Mi” on the recorders, “Sway” on the pianicas and “Rasa Sayang” on the angklung. In addition, the three pieces of music were accompanied by the glockenspiel, bongo, castanets and maracas.

On behalf of Lighthouse School, I am grateful to the SOP Organizing Committee for inviting the school band to share their gift of music with the audience. This privilege has motivate the band members to set their own targets to achieve the required standard.

The band members are proud to be able to contribute a musical item in appreciation for the kindness and generosity of the 15 SOP council members who have raised $6000/- among themselves for Lighthouse School.

I would also like to thank the Organizing Committee for making special arrangements in giving out to each of the band members an appreciation red packet of $150/- and a packed meal from KFC.

Ms Anna Soh