Jurong Green CC Screening

On Sunday, 27th May 2012, a total of 7 Opticianry students from ITE College East, together with members from Society of Opticianry Practitioners (SOP) had the opportunity to render their services to the residents from the Jurong Green Community Club. An eye screening was conducted to raise the residents’ awareness in eye conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Volunteers for the event turned up early to set up the place for the screening. There are a total of 6 stations which involve the testing of visual field, distant and near visual acuity and macular degeneration. It was a tiring and yet a fulfilling event for all our volunteers. The students were able to practice what they had learned in school and had their fair share of fun moments.

During the screening, there was a case with suspecting glaucoma and binocular anomalies being pick up. It was indeed a great enriching learning experience for the student.

Special thanks to Mr Simon Ng (President of SOP) and Mr Steve Lim (Honorary President of SOP) for their kind invitation to ITE Opticianry to be part of this meaningful event. Last but not least, a big thank you to all the SOP members for mentoring and sharing their experiences with the Opticianry students.

From: Jason Yap
Lecturer / Opticianry / ITE College East