Objectives Of SOP

SOP was born in the year 2005 and this year we are celebrating our 7th Anniversary. We have now been renamed as Society of Opticianry Practitioners (Singapore). SOP was formed with the following objectives:

1. To raise or improve the standard of practice in order to project an image of professionalism.

2. To provide equal opportunity for all who wants to improve themselves, to Horne their abilities and to allow themselves to be more competent in their trade in order to provide excellent care and service to the public.

3. To create opportunities for those who have passion for knowledge.

4. Strive to provide the best primary eye care to the public.

5. In furtherance of the above objects, the Society may Conduct Upgrading Course, Organize Continuing Professional Education Program (CPE) and collaborates with the Ophthalmic, Optical Frame and Contact Lens manufacturer/supplier to promote awareness program to Opticians practising in the industry.