Message From President

Mr Simon Ng Chin Kwee, PBM


Dear Members, SOP is proud to be celebrating our 9th Anniversary this year. SOP was formed in 2005 by a group of Opticians who wanted to voice their concern even before the legislation of Optometrist and Opticians started in 2008.

The council in SOP serve voluntarily because they see the need to work together on a common cause. Today, they still share the purpose of coming together to address common challenges and the possibility to support each other’s work.

SOP had constantly encouraged its members to expend their skills and provide learning opportunity, such as moving on the next level as an optometrist through the Diploma in Optometry course conducted at Parkway College, was the biggest challenges and greatest achievement for SOP.

Let us not forget our Code of Professional Conduct and the Professional Practice Guidelines. As a practitioner, we aspire to meet certain standards in all aspect of our lives, at work, at home and in service to our profession. We are committed to doing what is right and honourable, and the purpose of this Code is to instil confidence in our profession to help individual become a better practitioner and also to assist individual in making wise decision during difficult situations where we may be asked to compromise our integrity or values.

It is a very common challenge for most association to sustain its members. In fact, each member of association plays a very important role and SOP believe that every member share the same opportunity and we want to be able to create the learning journey for each and everyone in the industries.

Networking is important. Membership network is to assist the individuals to share their experiences and uniquely prepared to respond to others. Membership in the association leads to business contacts that can result in new business opportunities.

SOP encourages volunteerism and would like to invite members, be it short term commitment or would like to experience what is like as a volunteer. Members, please come forward to join us in a project-to project basis and learn more about specifics projects that you can participate.

Lastly, SOP would like to thank you for being a member with us. Your membership enabled us to accomplish challenges we have faced throughout the past years. We are proud of what we have been able to do for our member and we could not have it done without YOU. The council and I would like to express our gratitude to you as our valued partners and hope that you will continue to support and provide cooperation and continuing partnership with SOP.