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27th Sept CPE programme

27 Sep CPE Prog-Revise

Singapore Myopia Control Forum

Day / Date: Tuesday, 6th September 2016
Time: 8:45am to 3:45pm
Venue: The International Vision Academy (TIVA)
Address: 201 Kallang Bahru, #04-00, Spore 339338
Title: Singapore Myopia Control Forum


CPE 30th August 2016

CPE with EEC Prog

CPE 24th August 2016

Mandarin CPE Prog


SOP Notice of AGM

CPE 9th JULY 2016


CPE 7th June 2016

7th June CPE

CPE 11th MAY 2016

11 May CPE

17th Oct 2015 CPE Programme

Registration for CPE @ KTPH, 17th October 2015 **This event is strictly by registration only. CPE points will only be awarded for 100% attendance. Please remember to bring along your OOB Card for Registration.Date of event: 17 October 2015 Time: 8.30am to 11am **Registration closes at 9am Venue: Kaizen 1, Learning Centre, KTPH Tower B,


10th year Anniversary Dinner


Strictly by invitation only. For members and invited guests.


Programme Schedule For 19th Aug CPE

Programme Schedule For 19 Aug CPE

24th July CPE Open for Registration


14th July CPE Open for Registration.

14July CPE Prog

25th June CPE Open for registration.

25June CPE-Revise Prog

13th May CPE 2015 Open for Registration.


SOP April 2015 CPE Programme. Open for Registration.

For Non-members,your registration will only be confirmed after we have receive the cheque. Payment method by cheque only. Issue to SOP and mail to 260 Bangkit Road #01-29 Singapore 670260. An acknowledgment SMS will be send to you upon receiving your cheque payment. Please write your OOB registered Name & Contact number behind the cheque.


MARCH CPE 2015 Open for Registration now!!!




JAN 2015 CPE (Strictly for SOP members)

CPE Brouc 19Jan

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